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No, THIS Was a Witch Hunt December 18, 2019

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Horrifying evidence of what once happened to smart women.

By Dean Adams Curtis

Among the obscenities that have emanated from the White House’s current occupant these past few years has been the frequent blatant misuse of the term “witch hunt.”

Obviously, it is a term referring to a heinous kind of human behavior, the victims of which are exclusively WOMEN! For a misogynistic male to claim victim-hood is repulsive.

There are few who are reading this who have not long been well aware of the Salem witch hunts. Unfortunately, the events in Salem, Massachusetts were far from unique. For hundreds of years in Europe, if you were a smart woman who spoke her mind, or one who simply didn’t take shit from a man, you faced the real risk of being accused of witchcraft and of being horrifically, publicly punished.

An interactive map of research into details of witch hunts in Scotland is frightening, even though it documents events over three hundred years ago.

There is, of course, absolutely no relation between a witch hunt and the very proper investigations into a hundred contacts between the Trump presidential campaign and members of Russia’s intelligence services, or into this President’s many other unprecedented abuses of power, some of which have led to him toward being impeached.

However, the individual calling out the term “witch hunt” most often these days, if born three hundred years earlier with a similar persona, may well have been one of those among the witch hunters.

We’re with Her…and Her December 18, 2019

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goddessesblogDEC2019-01By Dean Adams Curtis

Many Democrats are gaming out which candidate for the party’s nomination to be chief executive of the U.S. can best beat President Trump. We at goddesses.com are drawn to two women who together answer that question.

Many Democrats are worried about nominating a woman again. Look what happened last time, they seem to think. But of course, none of us will ever forget that Hillary Clinton won far more popular votes than Donald Trump, that it was the electoral college vote that gave Trump the office, not the gender of his opponent.

It was  the electoral college that did not serve its sole function, to keep a tyrant from occupying the oval office and turning it into a throne room. It is the electoral college, which Elizabeth Warren has a plan to get rid of, which elevated a racist reality TV showman and rapacious money laundering real estate developer into the presidency.

It is, of course, critical that the 2020 presidential election ushers this budding monarch out to pasture. Our hopes are riding on two alpha females to do the ushering. The two women would make an incredible ticket together. They may even find themselves running against a Biden/Harris match-up.

We are, of course, talking about Amy Klobuchar and Elizabeth Warren.

May the best two women win!