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This Too Shall Pass November 9, 2016

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By Dean Adams Curtis


Writing in the darkness, before dawn on the West Coast of the United States, on the day after November 8th. I’m seeking the truths that remain self-evident.


After a night of tears and fears, I’m sad, but not mad. The state of democracy in the United States is strong. People who had never voted before, voted. Good. Democrats were unable to mobilize all the voters who put President Obama in the White House for eight years. Bad. Good Democrats, we’re going to need to “move it, move it” from here on out.


Republicans have won the undivided government of their choosing for the moment. They have their chance to steer the massive ship of state that is our nation. And I will now be standing in opposition to many of the destinations they desire to take us to.


We who were with her are now in the opposition to him, while we wish him the best as our captain.


He has led a life of perpetual adolescence. He now needs to grow up fast. Obamacare will go. But will “Trumpcare” really throw millions of Americans off their insurance? Doubtful. Perhaps we’ll end up with something paradoxically close to what Hillary proposed in the early 1990s.


Wispy clouds of dawn are now pink. Awake into the loyal, resolute, optimistic opposition. Democrats, peacefully rise and shine. Put on a new cap. Take back America.


The sky is now vanilla. A lump is in my throat. A crow calls out four times from the power distribution line. Life goes on now. An answer in kind is echoed by a distant crow. Life goes on now.


This period in American history will pass, just as all have, and will be someday be taught. What lessons will come from those teachings in the future, depends upon you.


Recalling now what President-elect Trump said about the use of nuclear weapons, “What are they there for?”


The answer he did not evidently grasp is that they are there NOT TO BE USED! The nuclear arsenals standing at ready around the globe protect us against nuclear war. How do we know? Because since soon after the end of World War Two, they have. Those who have not thought through this paradox, apparently including President-elect Trump, have not learned the all-important lesson that the only way to win the nuclear war “game” is to not play.


Carefully, for decades, Republican and Democratic presidents and the congresses and military leaders of their times, have been working to reduce the numbers of nuclear weapons held in the arsenals of global superpowers, and to also keep them from spreading to non-nuclear-weapon-equipped nations. Above all else, we must be optimistic that President-elect Trump will continue to do so as well.


My fingertips are numb now from pressing hard upon my pen’s grip.


I participated in a family member’s memorial service over the weekend, experiencing grief and hugging many family members tightly. Last night’s hugs were even tighter than those over the weekend. We must cradle one-another, and our optimism.


The children of Democrats are crying this morning, along with their parents who cuddle and kiss them. Their tears are of fear (terror) and grief. They will remember this moment. This is the dawn of their political lives, their first lesson in why it matters to be politically aware and active.


The celebrating children of Trump supporters, who perhaps went to rallies with their parents and chanted, “Lock her up,” will grow up fast too. Possibly, they will rebel against their parent’s perspectives. Will they be voting for the Democratic Party in 2024?


We, who are today so sad, on some future day’s dawn will be glad that America’s great Democratic Party voters began this day to redeem their optimism and agenda.


Todo loco. Totally crazy. Today, you bet. Tomorrow…


The first rays of photons from Our Sun crest, bend around horizon’s limb. Oh my! Optimism.


A landslide that some anticipated for Democrats yesterday, still awaits us. Not this morn, as the sun approaches its dawn, but soon. Perhaps it will be in two years, when we take both houses of Congress, or in four years when we kick the incumbent Republicans out, and welcome the upcoming inauguration of the first woman to be President of the United States. Maybe the landslide will take six years, or eight, but it will come.


During the years between then and this dawn, people may die who would not have died had Hillary been elected, due to policies that President-elect Trump has clearly stated his intent to enact. During these years, hateful policies that now seem in danger of being enacted, may well cause more extreme hardship to far more people than had Hillary been elected.


Perhaps, President-elect Trump will govern far differently than he campaigned. Let’s hope. As is often said, what unites us is far greater than what divides us, so such an outcome is certainly conceivable. But is our near-future commander-in-chief capable of governing differently than he campaigned? Or will the venomous right-wing snake, the now-awakened repellent racist reptile at the core of the dawning Republican Party, make it possible for their president-elect to govern charitably, should he somehow change his mind and want to?


I’m mulling over words of a patriotic American writer of yester-year, updating them. These are times that try human souls.


Dear Old Sol, hit me now. Sunshine’s in my eyes, along with another tear. A new day has dawned. Let us all carpe diem. Let’s renew our liberal democracy. Let’s stop freaking out our allies and stop giving comfort to adversaries. It is time for a pro-democracy movement in America.




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