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Rape of the Yazidis August 14, 2015

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Among the horrors happening within the Islamic State, is the enslavement and rape of Yazidi girls and women, revealed in a must-read New York Times report by Rukmini Callimachi, available at the following link:


The Times reports that “systematic rape of women and girls from the Yazidi religious minority has become deeply enmeshed in the organization and the radical theology of the Islamic State in the year since the group announced it was reviving slavery as an institution.”

Further, the Times report notes that, “The youngest, prettiest women and girls were bought in the first weeks after their capture. Others — especially older, married women — described how they were transported from location to location, spending months in the equivalent of human holding pens, until a prospective buyer bid on them.”

The Times continues, “Their captors appeared to have a system in place, replete with its own methodology of inventorying the women, as well as their own lexicon. Women and girls were referred to as ‘Sabaya [Slave],’ followed by their name. Some were bought by wholesalers, who photographed and gave them numbers, to advertise them to potential buyers.”