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Recalling Millenniums of Peace April 23, 2022

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Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

By Dean Adams Curtis

Recalling incidents beyond the latest news cycle is getting more challenging for many, so recalling a time of peace that lasted for thousands of years, many thousands of years ago, might be pretty much out of the question.

But try taking a brief glance back before written history, before people used writing, instead using commonly understood symbols to communicate. They spoke words to one another, as humans had long done, words that today are called Proto-Indo-European. Using their words, they would tell stories, such as this.

A long time ago, in a place that would, far in its future, become known as the Donbas Region of Ukraine, there lived a people who had never known war. Not a single weapon of war has been found in the digs of scholars in the Dnieper River Valley for several thousand years, back to the origins of the people there.

The Lithuanian Archaeologist Marija Gimbutas wrote about these earlier millennia, calling the cultures that coexisted peacefully during the time, Old Europe. Her home nation’s national museum offers a look at some of her life’s work as part of their permanent collection. You can see some of it in their virtual collection.

Click on image to link to Lithuanian National Museum in Vilnius.
Click above will take you to a presentation about Marija’s life work.

Archaeologists investigate Trypillya Culture and Cucuteni Culture, named after sites artifacts of a type were discovered.

Wikipedia tells us that the Cucuteni–Trypillia culture, also known as the Tripolye culture, is a Neolithic–Eneolithic archaeological culture of Eastern Europe. It extended from the Carpathian Mountains to the Dniester and Dnieper regions, centered on modern-day Moldova and covering substantial parts of western Ukraine and northeastern Romania, encompassing an area of 350,000 km², with a diameter of 500 km.

Britannica adds, Neolithic European culture that arose in Ukraine between the Seret and Bug rivers, with extensions south into modern-day Romania and Moldova and east to the Dnieper River, in the 5th millennium BCE.

Below Joan wrote the book The Civilization of the Goddess on this subject matter with Marija Gimbutas.

Preserving Women’s Rights: Afghanistan to Texas October 10, 2021

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Photo by Karolina Grabowska on Pexels.com

By Dean Adams Curtis

“In recent years, significant strides have been made on increasing girls’ access to education,” notes Henrietta Fore of UNICEF. “It is vital that these gains are preserved and advocacy efforts continue so that all girls in Afghanistan receive a quality education.”

Goddesses agrees, of course, and so goddessesblog will remain focused on women’s rights in Afghanistan, Saudi Arabia, Africa, America (Texas) and anywhere else they are threatened and denied. Just as we are looking into the past and prehistory of women in human civilization we will also continue to look at women’s issues today, as well as on being as proactive as we can be to help us all reach a future in which the rights of every woman is assured.

In Texas, a U.S. District Court judge has blocked the Republican legislature’s newly restrictive abortion law from going into effect. He began his order (see pdf, noting it takes time to download) by introducing the fact that “A person’s right under the Constitution to choose to obtain an abortion prior to fetal viability is well established. Fully aware that depriving its citizens of this right by direct state action would be flagrantly unconstitutional, the State contrived an unprecedented and transparent statutory scheme to do just that.” So, with that assault on women’s rights halted, let’s focus on Afghanistan.

On the ground in Afghanistan, where it is enshrined as an independent organization, the Afghanistan Human Rights Commission is still attempting to protect women, however, their most recent post shares the reality. “Since August 15 the AIHRC continues in office but has been unable to fulfil its duties to the Afghan people. All AIHRC buildings have been occupied by Taliban forces, who have also made appointments and used AIHRC assets such as cars and computers. Furthermore, since the Taliban have consistently shown disregard for human rights, including attacks on human rights defenders and flagrant violations of international human rights standards, the leadership of the AIHRC has little confidence in a Taliban government to respect the mandate and independence of the AIHRC. Given the restrictions by the Taliban on women’s employment and role in public life, we fear the Taliban would not allow female staff to continue to carry out their duties, including at a leadership level. This is unacceptable: the AIHRC cannot protect the rights of all Afghans if it cannot protect the rights of its female staff.”

A leader of the AIHRC who escaped Afghanistan, Shaharzad Akbar, adds in the paragraphs that follow, “While some of us managed to leave before the fall of Kabul or in the horrific weeks that followed, the majority of our colleagues and friends remain behind and live in fear. They are facing threats and an uncertain future. They believe the world has forgotten about them, because they do not see enough concrete steps and actions to enable their safe departure from Afghanistan.

“The more than 35 million Afghans remain, more than half of them women and girls, facing hunger, lack of access to basic services and a bleak future for their fundamental human rights. They need your support.

“As Taliban are consolidating their power, we all see them making promises to the Western media and governments. Meanwhile, we also, through our contacts on the ground, hear reports of illegal detentions, summary executions, door to door searches, restrictions imposed on women and civilian harm caused by Taliban’s military campaign on Panjshir. Taliban’s actions are not aligned with their promises.

“As the world looks away, and a fundamentalist male-dominated government takes shape, disregarding the diversity of Afghanistan, women, minorities, activists and media workers are worried about intensified repression and erasure. Women and girls have immediately been plunged back into the repression, marginalization and inequality of the 1990s.

“Afghans have been disappointed by their own government and by the rest of the world. However, this need not to be the end of the journey. We should not lose all hope. We see brave Afghan women standing up in peaceful protest for their rights and for an inclusive government in different parts of the country every day. While I am in mourning and shattered, I am inspired by their courage and resilience. They are leading the way. We only need to follow those voices on the ground, the leadership of those remarkable women activists, to still make a difference.

“I want to call on you to prove our worst fears wrong. Please continue to stand with the Afghan people. Do not look away. Do not forget. Do not become complacent about the human rights violations in Afghanistan. Do not extend support to a government that continues on a culture of impunity, disregards victims of war and represses the fundamental rights of women. I say this not only because it is in the interests of Afghans, it is in your interests as well.”

Tyrant January 7, 2021

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Shakespeare inserted the story of Jack Cade’s rebellion into his play Henry the VI – Part Two.

By Dean Adams Curtis

Will Shakespeare wrote about mob rule and how tyrants rise. In fact, tyrants were one of his chief concerns. Because there were plenty of tyrants during his day, including on occasion tyrannical acts by his queen, who ran what has been termed a police state, he wrote about tyrannical characters who were Roman emperors in millennia long past and old Scottish and English kings.

In one instance, however, he revealed a populist commoner who had behaved tyrannically during events just a century-and-a-half before his time, to illustrate his concerns.

Into one of his English History plays, Shakespeare inserted the story of a people’s insurrection, the 1450 Jack Cade Rebellion. He dramatically showed the mob takeover of London and Cade’s proclaiming himself the mayor. Though he had promised no looting and that his army of the common people would act in accordance with the law, he and his followers broke this pledge, committing enough egregious acts to cause the people of London to turn against them, after being exhorted to do so by one of the king’s military commanders.

England 1450 Lord High Treasurer of King Henry VI brought before Jack Cade for a sham trial. After it he was beheaded.

World-acclaimed Harvard Shakespeare scholar, Stephen Greenblatt, wrote his book Tyrant after the inauguration of the 45th President of the United States, whose name he did not mention, but who was clearly on his mind. In the book, Greenblatt discussed Shakespeare’s focus on the Jack Cade Rebellion in detail.

I had originally come to know of Greenblatt during a trip to my local library. I had plucked from a shelf his book about Shakespeare’s life.

Will in the World illuminated Will and his time, Elizabethan England, through a variety of fact-framed windows. The window that bathed me with its light was the section where the author discussed every clue regarding where the bard-to-be might have been during ten years missing from history about his young life, between the age of 15-years-old when he no longer attended the Kings School of Stratford-Upon-Avon and the age of 24-years-old when he first arrived in London. My brain came alive, framing scaffoldings-of-thoughts built upon slippery-stepping-stones, the clues Greenblatt laid out. I began to create sketch drawings about, and write about, what I was envisioning. More on that in a moment.

The info on Amazon about Tyrant states its case well and bears sharing. “World-renowned Shakespeare scholar Stephen Greenblatt explores the playwright’s insight into bad (and often mad) rulers…Greenblatt illuminates the ways in which William Shakespeare delved into the lust for absolute power and the disasters visited upon the societies over which these characters rule.”

Since reading Will in the World, I have conducted over a decade of research into the subject matter and have written a novel, within which 15-year-old Will is the protagonist, a spy, an intelligencer on her majesty Queen Elizabeth’s secret service. I have also written a season of television episodes for the Intelligencers series. I am currently engaged in finding an agent, publisher, other producers, and television distributor to move the Intelligencers book and series forward. Email Goddesses if you or someone you know is interested in reviewing Intelligencers for one of these purposes.

Why did Shakespeare grapple his entire career with what Greenblatt calls a deeply unsettling question, that being, “How is it possible for a whole country to fall into the hands of a tyrant?”

Intelligencers provides a fun, sometimes thrilling answer through historical fiction.

The antagonists who Will and other teen agent protagonists encounter in Intelligencers act tyrannically, from Will’s local sheriff to the King of Spain.

Put succinctly, the novel and series are about teen Shakespeare and his team members, Chris Marlowe, and Anne Hathaway, on missions for Queen Elizabeth, confronting tyrants.

FA in Chief June 28, 2020

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FAinChiefBy Dean Adams Curtis

From assaults on protesters in a small Ohio town (Bethel) by biker gang members to assaults on a family camping in a state park in Oregon (near Coquille) who were accused by armed vigilantes of being protesters, and perhaps yesterday in a Louisville, Kentucky park where a gunman shot more than a dozen bullets into a crowd of people protesting against excessive use of force by police, a segment of our U.S. population is following the president’s verbal attacks with actual attacks on people that he and his fans call “antifa.”

You will never hear the president use the full descriptive term anti-fascist because the president cannot bring himself to say the word fascist. The president cannot say anti-fascists without pointing out that the brave Americans he vilifies are standing up spontaneously, nonviolently, to modern-day fascists on the march. From the start of his presidency he has used the abbreviated term for those who stood up to often heavily armed bullies chanting hate speech, calling them “antifa” for the first time in 2016.

Are the president’s verbal attacks against “agitators,” “anarchists,” and “antifa,”  a preview of coming tactics as the election nears and Trump strives to justify in advance his impending law and order tyranny? Of course. Hopefully, they do not portend assaults by Trump supporters on those who will take to the streets if the president loses the upcoming election, but decides he will lie about the loss and attempt to stay in power? But sadly, they probably do.

Former Republican Senator William Cohen commented recently that if Trump realizes he is not going to win on November 3rd, he sees more “absolutist dictatorial rule” from the president ahead.

When columnist Maureen Dowd asked a similar question to Tim O’Brien, a Trump biographer, i.e., what can America expect “as the man obsessed with winning faces humiliating rejection?” O’Brien responded, “He will descend further into abuse, alienation and authoritarianism. That’s what he’s stewing on most of the time, the triple A’s.”

Well over 2000 years ago, Plato “defineth him to be a tyrant that hath leave and power to do whatever he list [wishes].” That pretty much defines where Trump hopes he is headed. It is undoubtedly where Putin, Xi, and a growing list of the globe’s other tyrannical leaders, also hope he is headed.

Asked in April of 1944 to write an opinion article about American fascism, then Vice President of the United States Henry Wallace wrote the following thoughts.

“A fascist is one whose lust for money or power is combined with such an intensity of intolerance toward those of other races, parties, classes, religions, cultures, regions or nations as to make him ruthless in his use of deceit or violence to attain his ends.”

Veep Wallace went on to write, “The dangerous American fascist is the man who wants to do in the United States in an American way what Hitler did in Germany in a Prussian way. The American fascist would prefer not to use violence. His method is to poison the channels of public information. With a fascist the problem is never how best to present the truth to the public, but how best to use the news to deceive the public into giving the fascist and his group more money or more power.”

Note my prior post “Liar in Chief.”

The vice president under President Franklin Roosevelt continued, “American fascists will not be really dangerous until there is a purposeful coalition between the cartelists [one who belongs to a cartel, or supports them]…and those who stand for the KKK type of demagogue. Every year, however, the deliberate, systematic poisoning of the public channels of information is becoming more evident….always and everywhere [American fascists] can be identified by their appeal to prejudice and by the desire to play upon the fears and vanities of different groups in order to gain power.”

As VP Henry Wallace was eloquent and descriptive on the subject, I will close by giving him the last words, “The American fascists are more easily recognized by their deliberate perversion of truth and fact. Their newspapers and propaganda carefully cultivate every fissure of disunity, every crack in the common front against fascism. They use every opportunity to impugn democracy…They claim to be super-patriots, but they would destroy every liberty guaranteed by the Constitution. They demand free enterprise, but are the spokesmen for monopoly and vested interest. Their final objective, toward which all their deceit is directed, is to capture political power so that using the power of the State and the power of the market simultaneously they may keep the common man in eternal subjection.”

No, my bet is you will never hear the president use the description anti-fascist. Perhaps he even knows himself to be fascist. Even if he does not, by almost every statement and act of his political career, by the definition offered by Plato, and definitions almost eighty years ago by an American vice president, as well as by his ominous omission of the last five letters of the word fascist, the current occupant of the White House shows himself to be the FA in Chief.

No, THIS Was a Witch Hunt December 18, 2019

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Horrifying evidence of what once happened to smart women.

By Dean Adams Curtis

Among the obscenities that have emanated from the White House’s current occupant these past few years has been the frequent blatant misuse of the term “witch hunt.”

Obviously, it is a term referring to a heinous kind of human behavior, the victims of which are exclusively WOMEN! For a misogynistic male to claim victim-hood is repulsive.

There are few who are reading this who have not long been well aware of the Salem witch hunts. Unfortunately, the events in Salem, Massachusetts were far from unique. For hundreds of years in Europe, if you were a smart woman who spoke her mind, or one who simply didn’t take shit from a man, you faced the real risk of being accused of witchcraft and of being horrifically, publicly punished.

An interactive map of research into details of witch hunts in Scotland is frightening, even though it documents events over three hundred years ago.

There is, of course, absolutely no relation between a witch hunt and the very proper investigations into a hundred contacts between the Trump presidential campaign and members of Russia’s intelligence services, or into this President’s many other unprecedented abuses of power, some of which have led to him toward being impeached.

However, the individual calling out the term “witch hunt” most often these days, if born three hundred years earlier with a similar persona, may well have been one of those among the witch hunters.

We’re with Her…and Her December 18, 2019

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goddessesblogDEC2019-01By Dean Adams Curtis

Many Democrats are gaming out which candidate for the party’s nomination to be chief executive of the U.S. can best beat President Trump. We at goddesses.com are drawn to two women who together answer that question.

Many Democrats are worried about nominating a woman again. Look what happened last time, they seem to think. But of course, none of us will ever forget that Hillary Clinton won far more popular votes than Donald Trump, that it was the electoral college vote that gave Trump the office, not the gender of his opponent.

It was  the electoral college that did not serve its sole function, to keep a tyrant from occupying the oval office and turning it into a throne room. It is the electoral college, which Elizabeth Warren has a plan to get rid of, which elevated a racist reality TV showman and rapacious money laundering real estate developer into the presidency.

It is, of course, critical that the 2020 presidential election ushers this budding monarch out to pasture. Our hopes are riding on two alpha females to do the ushering. The two women would make an incredible ticket together. They may even find themselves running against a Biden/Harris match-up.

We are, of course, talking about Amy Klobuchar and Elizabeth Warren.

May the best two women win!

Liar in Chief April 20, 2017

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By Dean Adams Curtis

I’ve never called anyone a liar before. Therefore, I’ve been thinking about the title of this post for far too long. A few days ago, a friend, who I informed of this impending post, stated, “You’re kind of late.”

Indeed. I have even debated for too long putting a “?” at the end of the title of this post. However, I am no longer hesitant.  There’s no question. I’m leaving it off.

At the beginning of my gestation of this post, the president had then been clearly called out for being wrong about a wide variety of things he had asserted to be facts, but which were, in fact, fictions.

Throughout the early Trump presidency, I had found myself engaged in background reflection upon passages from a book that I had read long ago. In the book, People of the Lie, Dr. Scott Peck, offers an interesting premise about a particular kind of liars, who he identified as malignant narcissists.

Scott Peck had been a practicing psychiatrist for many years, including working as a military psychiatrist. He was also the author of the bestselling book titled “The Road Less Traveled.” But he needed to get off his chest, and into the minds of we readers, information about a few patients he had experienced during his psychiatric practice. Since Scott Peck is now dead, thus not around to write his own editorial about Trump, as I am convinced he would have done, I will now disgorge a few key pecks of Scott’s reasoning.


“[Evil is] the use of power to destroy the spiritual growth of others for the purpose of defending and preserving the integrity of our own sick selves. In short, it is scapegoating… A predominant characteristic…of the behavior of those I call evil is scapegoating. Because in their hearts they consider themselves above reproach, they must lash out at any one who does reproach them. They sacrifice others to preserve their self-image of perfection… Since the evil, deep down, feel themselves to be faultless, it is inevitable that when they are in conflict with the world they will invariably perceive the conflict as the world’s fault. Since they must deny their own badness, they must perceive others as bad… They project their own evil onto the world. They never think of themselves as evil; on the other hand, they consequently see much evil in others…Evil, then, is most often committed in order to scapegoat, and the people I label as evil are chronic scapegoaters…. The evil attack others instead of facing their own failures.” (p.73)

“Self-criticism is a call to personality change…The evil are pathologically attached to the status quo of their personalities, which in their narcissism they consciously regard as perfect. I think it is quite possible that the evil may perceive even a small degree of change in their beloved selves as representing total annihilation.” (p.74)

“Malignant narcissism is characterized by an unsubmitted will… All mentally healthy individuals submit themselves to the demands of their own conscience. Utterly dedicated to preserving their self-image of perfection, [the evil] are unceasingly engaged in the effort to maintain the appearance of moral purity. They worry about this a great deal. They are acutely sensitive to social norms and what others might think of them. Outwardly [they] seem to live lives that are above reproach. The words “image.” “appearance,” and “outwardly” are crucial to understanding the morality of the evil (p.75).”

“While they seem to lack any motivation to be good, they intensely desire to appear good. Their “goodness” is all on a level of pretense. It is, in effect, a lie. That is why they are the “people of the lie”. The wickedness of the evil is not committed directly, but indirectly as a part of this cover-up process… Because they are such experts at disguise, it is seldom possible to pinpoint the maliciousness of the evil. The disguise is usually impenetrable.” (p.76)

“[A] reaction that the evil frequently engender in us is confusion. Describing an encounter with an evil person, one woman wrote, it was “as if I’d suddenly lost my ability to think”…. This reaction is quite appropriate. Lies confuse. The evil are “the people of the lie“, deceiving others as they also build layer upon layer of self-deception. [Evil is] the exercise of political power–that is, the imposition of one’s will upon others by overt or covert coercion–in order to avoid…spiritual growth…Because their willfulness is so extraordinary–and always accompanied by a lust for power–I suspect that the evil are more likely than most to politically aggrandize themselves… There is a remarkable power in the manner in which they attempt to control others.” (p.78)

“…the malignantly narcissistic insist upon “affirmation independent of all findings.” The essential psychological problem of human evil, I believe, is a particular variety of narcissism….one that particularly afflicts the will.” (p.80)

“Those who are evil are masters of disguise; they are not apt to wittingly disclose their true colors–either to others or to themselves.” (p.104)

In Scott Peck’s People of the Lie, he viewed evil as “being a distinct problem that straddles the line between a personality disorder, and spiritual disorder, perhaps leaning toward the latter. He describes evil people as “being aware of their conscience, but actively choosing to ignore it, as opposed to a sociopathic person who appears to be devoid of conscience altogether. In other words, an evil person knows that they are doing evil, while a sociopath does not.” Peck described evil as “militant ignorance.” Evil people are “obsessed with maintaining their self-image of perfection through self-deception. In addition, evil people will be very selective about who they inflict their evil upon, while going to great lengths to maintain an image respectability and normality with everyone else. As a result, evil people are often well liked by the majority, and their victims come across as being overly sensitive, having a persecution complex, or even being crazy.”

If you would like to buy the book, People of the Lie: The Hope for Healing Human Evil, you can do so by pasting this link into your browser’s address window:  http://astore.amazon.com/goddesses-20/detail/0684848597

“He’s a liar,” a neighbor says, referring to her president. I just overheard this quote through my open window while writing. Words from the street where I write this. Another neighbor, perhaps a defensive apologist Republican, replied, “People said the same thing about Reagan.”

And Nixon, and the Bushes…remind me again why people are Republican?

Today, 04-01-17, the President of the United States Tweeted about himself as “Trump.” I don’t know about you, but I never refer to myself by my own name, and I never hear other people doing so. Referring to yourself in the third person style, seems to hint there could be trouble, a person disassociated from themselves, as if watching a player on a stage.

However, I wish Trump my best, and hope that he is not evil, for the sake of the United States of America and all the people of the Planet Earth. But there is something else that I can’t get out of my head about him. During his pre-presidential-run years, he is reported to have had a tendency to make calls impersonating a real or made-up character, telling the recipients of the calls good things about Donald Trump. So weird.

Recently, confronted by his most flagrant falsehoods, President Donald Trump faced the question of why he makes so many unsubstantiated claims. “What have I said that is wrong?” Trump asked the reporter.

I won’t give the link to a Politifacts article from March 23rd. If you want to, you can easily look it up. Suffice it to say, the article lists the falsehoods told by President Trump.

The Washington Post last week ran an article under the headline “President Trump’s cascade of false claims in Time’s interview on his falsehoods.” Note the Time story, is available at the link below:


The Times lead paragraph under the headline foreshadows an article that parallels the one in the Post.

“President Trump had a remarkable interview with Time magazine on March 22 about falsehoods, in which he repeated many false claims that have repeatedly been debunked. Here’s a round-up of his key misstatements.”

In another Times article, titled “Fact Check: Trump Misleads About The Times’s Reporting on Surveillance” also from the 23rd.


And, as a CNN columnist recently noted, “Trump just keeps creating smokescreens to mask his Russia problem”

Instead of offering you a link to CNN, I think you would be best served by having a look at what the LA Times is saying in their April 2017 four part editorial, including “Why Trump Lies.” It’s right here: http://www.latimes.com/projects/la-ed-why-trump-lies/

Swinging back to the New York Times piece, it goes on to say this: “In an interview with Time magazine on Wednesday, President Trump cited The New York Times as evidence of his claim, made in a series of Twitter posts on March 4, that President Barack Obama had wiretapped his phones in Trump Tower during the 2016 presidential campaign. The F.B.I. director, other top intelligence officials and numerous Republicans have rejected this claim.”

And finally, from the NYT Opinion Pages, on the 23rd again, columnist Charles Blow adds,


“First, Donald Trump owes Barack Obama and the American people an apology for his vituperative lie that Obama committed a felony by wiretapping Trump Tower. It was specious, libelous and reckless…”

Blow also added, “Trump’s strategy for dealing with being caught in a lie is often to tell a bigger lie. He seems constitutionally incapable of registering what others would: shame, embarrassment, contrition. Something is broken in the man — definitely morally and possibly psychologically.”

A few days later, in another editorial, Blow piled on (appropriately, as I am also doing), writing that Trump, “was already being proven to be a complete liar and hypocrite.”

Former U.N. Ambassador Susan Rice also called out the president’s pattern of false statement, saying: “He’s made a number of striking and misleading statements. Those statements are heard and digested by the rest of the world, whether our friend s or our enemies. Our friends respect us because we are fact based and serious. When we have the White House that engages in falsehoods, it shakes…If it were one or two such statements. But we have had statements…All debunked. From the illegal voters, he claimed voted for Hillary Clinton, and the Obama wiretapping. The world is watching very carefully. The question is, can anyone trust The White House.”

And there’s: http://www.politifact.com/truth-o-meter/article/2017/mar/23/fact-checking-trumps-time-interview-truths-and-fal/

Then, came yesterday, when the idiot President of the United States sat like a buffoon, in front of Maria Bartiromo on Fox, and clearly did not realize what he had just said at the end of his sentence, which was, “Over a beautiful chocolate cake…the best ever…delicious cake…I told President Xi that I had just ordered 59 cruise missiles to strike Iraq.”

The President then just sat there, clueless to the major country name error he had just made, until Maria Bartiromo had to correct him. “You mean Syria.”

Your astonished blog post author and goddesses.com editor shouted out, “Oh, my goddess!” upon seeing this play out on a news report.

I’m going to wrap this wrap-up now, on a note of hope. Every indication is that the presidency of Donald J. Trump will somehow self-destruct. If not, hopefully the 2018 mid-term elections for Congress will sweep in a Democratic-Green-Independent majority which will impeach him.

So, right now, as I’m putting a bow on the wrapping of this blog post (on 4-17-17), Trump is lying in his Tweets about the Democratic candidate running for Georgia’s open House of Representatives seat. The election wouldn’t be happening if President Trump had picked anybody else, other than a sitting Republican congressman (Tom Price) who represented the northern suburbs of Atlanta, to join his administration (as Secretary of Health and Human Services). May this Georgia election turnout to be the first of his multitudinous self-inflicted political wounds that actually hemorrhages.

We can do so much better, and we need to start now. Because, alas, a lack of deep context about many complex topics, bedevils too many Trump voters, allowing them to be proudly unaware, and to be swayed to buy ideas contrary to their interests, from a lying snake oil salesman huckster, who first confused and obfuscated truth, lied, and then exhorted people to “trust me.”

We need the very best ideas to surface. The opposite is happening. A liar is in the White House. Alt-news is prodigiously pumped out by the President of the United States, as well as by right wingers. Fake-news is pumped out by Putin and his Russian trolls, and the nation-bruising presidential election so recently ended was victimized by Russian hacking. Robbing Republicans have broken into the bank, the U.S. government, and are stealing our treasure.

As I noted when I began, I’ve never called anyone a liar before. But here, the facts are obvious for all to see. And, after all, the President of the United States Donald J. Trump, calls people liars all the time, as well as the venerable news organizations cited herein. Their reports? “Lies. All lies…the lying media”

So, these days, calling people liars its normative behavior encouraged by the President of the United States.

Still, I will reserve the epithet solely for him.

The Goddess Wept January 21, 2017

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by Dean Adams Curtis               01-20-17    10:00 AM PST

14.25_Sophia_(Wisdom)_in_the_Celsus_Library_in_Ephesus.JPGStatue of the goddess Sophia (Wisdom) in the Celsus Library at Ephesus.

For me, the most inspiring words spoken at today’s inauguration were by Cardinal Dolan of the Catholic Archdiocese of New York, who invoked the goddess Wisdom, and asked her for guidance.

Then, as the new President of the United States spoke his first words after taking the oath of office, the goddess wept.

The goddess Wisdom, also known as Sophia, has some history and some prehistory. Before words were written she was already an icon. For the Greeks and Jews she was a happening figure. Historically she’s figured in Catholic and Protestant mysticism. And today she’s shouted out in Eastern Orthodox church services, just before important words of wisdom are shared.

Unfortunately, no words of wisdom were shared by the new President. His speech was flat, replete with horrid protectionist platitudes like “America first,” negative concepts like “American carnage,” lacking any inspiring, unifying and uplifting message.

The words of one of the network commentators before the new President was inaugurated ring in my brain. CBS’s John Dickerson noted that just 77,000 voters were responsible for Donald Trump winning the White House. They were the voters in Pennsylvania, Michigan and Wisconsin whose voting choices secured the Electoral College victory for the new President, though his opponent Hillary Clinton, who has visited the Hagia Sophia (Holy Wisdom) Eastern Orthodox church in Istanbul, won almost 3,000,000 more votes.

Just doing some idle musing here during a drought-quenching, wind-whipped California deluge, but perhaps a 100,000 liberal U.S. voters, probably a fraction of those now heading to march in Washington D.C., could take the opportunity over the next few years to move from urban and suburban domiciles that are safely Democratic, into the exurbs, exactly where the 77,000 who put the new President into office reside. We could get into shared farming on existing farms instead of on postage-stamp-sized urban set-asides. For those liberal U.S. voters who are aging, perhaps as our preferred retirement lifestyle, rather than accepting a life of rolling down the halls of sanitized corporate-run retirement communities, we pioneer continued-care community gardening in Republican rural areas. The alt-right has conclusively taken the rural ground of America. The liberal left may be wise to seek means to reclaim that turf, following our predilections for”getting back to the land.” If so, we should make it meaningful. Any such movement should count, literally, the liberal votes it will be able to deliver during upcoming elections.

I’m writing these post-inaugural thoughts at a tire store on Valley Boulevard, midway through the massive urban sprawl that is Los Angeles. I’ve got my writing pad perched on a stack of retreaded tires.

Perhaps that’s why it clicks that the tired campaign slogans spewed in today’s first speech to the World’s people by the new President were retreads from Trump’s stump speeches, nasty applause lines for alt-right-wingers that sounded to my ears as if deflated, fatigued.

I also wonder about a strange line in today’s speech that seemed to be the opposite of poetic, or correct. The new President said, “Whether a child is born in the urban sprawl of Detroit…” Sure, Detroit was a city that sub-urbanized early on, but it really doesn’t hold a candle “sprawl-wise” to LA. Being originally from Detroit, I know that the region where I’m now standing, , Southern California, over 3,000 miles from Motown, is the city that has morphed to best describe offer a more fitting example of a sprawling urban existence.

Here in not-sunny SoCal, the guy who is putting a pair of new front tires on my car is waving to me, so my pen must now depart from this pad.

But, thinking back a moment longer to today’s words from “The Donald” in Washington D.C., perhaps the raindrops that fell on the 45th President of the United States as he began to speak were a sprinkling of wisdom.

Yet, in Eastern Orthodoxy Christianity, humility is the highest wisdom, and humility has never yet been evident in the person who refers to himself as Trump.

Maybe the awesome responsibility the new President has won for himself will soon jolt his mind from the perpetual adolescent playground it has reveled in for so long, offering him the result of a measure of humility that will lead him to wisdom.

Meanwhile, thanks to all of you pink-hatted women on buses heading to D.C. right now, preparing to show the people of America and the globe that we will not take this sitting down, unless perhaps while chained to fences, or blocking traffic in peaceful civil disobedient protests.



Knit for Marching January 18, 2017

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marciknitformarching012117In a recent edition of the Economist (Dec.24, 2016, p.79) an article focused on why Europeans are reading Stefan Zweig again.

Prior to the rise of Nazi fascism, Zweig, whose writing was popularized in the 2014 film, “The Grand Budapest Hotel,” called for European unity, which he hoped would be attained through education and culture.

“In a recent speech,” notes the Economist, “the president of the European Council nodded to Zweig’s warning that those caught up in historical change never notice its beginnings…In Zweig’s time…liberals gave up virtually without a fight, even though they had all the cards.”

That’s not going to happen again, at least if the women who will be boarding buses across the country this week headed for the  Women’s March in Washington D.C. on Saturday, January 21st (the day after President-elect Donald Trump takes the oath of office and becomes President of the United States) have anything to say about it. And they do.

We caught up with the sister in the picture, just as she finished knitting one of the caps she will be taking to wear during the massive Women’s March. After we listened to her talk about the upcoming protest, we noted that it was eight years ago, just after the inauguration of President Barack Obama, that small protests by right wing activists began what became known as the Tea Party, and led the U.S. directly to where we find ourselves today. We’re hoping that the Women’s March will mark the beginning of a new movement, one which will lead us to historic change in the United States, to a time of renewed and sustainable liberal government that is a match for our highest ideals.

Our hopes are with the marchers, and the movement they will inaugurate.





This Too Shall Pass November 9, 2016

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By Dean Adams Curtis


Writing in the darkness, before dawn on the West Coast of the United States, on the day after November 8th. I’m seeking the truths that remain self-evident.


After a night of tears and fears, I’m sad, but not mad. The state of democracy in the United States is strong. People who had never voted before, voted. Good. Democrats were unable to mobilize all the voters who put President Obama in the White House for eight years. Bad. Good Democrats, we’re going to need to “move it, move it” from here on out.


Republicans have won the undivided government of their choosing for the moment. They have their chance to steer the massive ship of state that is our nation. And I will now be standing in opposition to many of the destinations they desire to take us to.


We who were with her are now in the opposition to him, while we wish him the best as our captain.


He has led a life of perpetual adolescence. He now needs to grow up fast. Obamacare will go. But will “Trumpcare” really throw millions of Americans off their insurance? Doubtful. Perhaps we’ll end up with something paradoxically close to what Hillary proposed in the early 1990s.


Wispy clouds of dawn are now pink. Awake into the loyal, resolute, optimistic opposition. Democrats, peacefully rise and shine. Put on a new cap. Take back America.


The sky is now vanilla. A lump is in my throat. A crow calls out four times from the power distribution line. Life goes on now. An answer in kind is echoed by a distant crow. Life goes on now.


This period in American history will pass, just as all have, and will be someday be taught. What lessons will come from those teachings in the future, depends upon you.


Recalling now what President-elect Trump said about the use of nuclear weapons, “What are they there for?”


The answer he did not evidently grasp is that they are there NOT TO BE USED! The nuclear arsenals standing at ready around the globe protect us against nuclear war. How do we know? Because since soon after the end of World War Two, they have. Those who have not thought through this paradox, apparently including President-elect Trump, have not learned the all-important lesson that the only way to win the nuclear war “game” is to not play.


Carefully, for decades, Republican and Democratic presidents and the congresses and military leaders of their times, have been working to reduce the numbers of nuclear weapons held in the arsenals of global superpowers, and to also keep them from spreading to non-nuclear-weapon-equipped nations. Above all else, we must be optimistic that President-elect Trump will continue to do so as well.


My fingertips are numb now from pressing hard upon my pen’s grip.


I participated in a family member’s memorial service over the weekend, experiencing grief and hugging many family members tightly. Last night’s hugs were even tighter than those over the weekend. We must cradle one-another, and our optimism.


The children of Democrats are crying this morning, along with their parents who cuddle and kiss them. Their tears are of fear (terror) and grief. They will remember this moment. This is the dawn of their political lives, their first lesson in why it matters to be politically aware and active.


The celebrating children of Trump supporters, who perhaps went to rallies with their parents and chanted, “Lock her up,” will grow up fast too. Possibly, they will rebel against their parent’s perspectives. Will they be voting for the Democratic Party in 2024?


We, who are today so sad, on some future day’s dawn will be glad that America’s great Democratic Party voters began this day to redeem their optimism and agenda.


Todo loco. Totally crazy. Today, you bet. Tomorrow…


The first rays of photons from Our Sun crest, bend around horizon’s limb. Oh my! Optimism.


A landslide that some anticipated for Democrats yesterday, still awaits us. Not this morn, as the sun approaches its dawn, but soon. Perhaps it will be in two years, when we take both houses of Congress, or in four years when we kick the incumbent Republicans out, and welcome the upcoming inauguration of the first woman to be President of the United States. Maybe the landslide will take six years, or eight, but it will come.


During the years between then and this dawn, people may die who would not have died had Hillary been elected, due to policies that President-elect Trump has clearly stated his intent to enact. During these years, hateful policies that now seem in danger of being enacted, may well cause more extreme hardship to far more people than had Hillary been elected.


Perhaps, President-elect Trump will govern far differently than he campaigned. Let’s hope. As is often said, what unites us is far greater than what divides us, so such an outcome is certainly conceivable. But is our near-future commander-in-chief capable of governing differently than he campaigned? Or will the venomous right-wing snake, the now-awakened repellent racist reptile at the core of the dawning Republican Party, make it possible for their president-elect to govern charitably, should he somehow change his mind and want to?


I’m mulling over words of a patriotic American writer of yester-year, updating them. These are times that try human souls.


Dear Old Sol, hit me now. Sunshine’s in my eyes, along with another tear. A new day has dawned. Let us all carpe diem. Let’s renew our liberal democracy. Let’s stop freaking out our allies and stop giving comfort to adversaries. It is time for a pro-democracy movement in America.




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